Kingsway English Test

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AVAILABLE THROUGH PAYKINGSWAY EXCLUSIVELY : We’re currently offering 25% off each Kingsway English Test, so now is a great time to find out your exact English level. You will get a free report which you can print out and keep with your CV.



A live one-to-one English level assessment test by telephone, web conferencing or Skype with immediate results.

If you have employees whose English you need to evaluate quickly and accurately, then Kingsway English Test is perfect for you. Kingsway English Test gives you an English level assessment by telephone, Skype or web conferencing so you can quickly evaluate speaking and listening skills.

Excellent for personnel managers and recruiters to be able to make quick decisions on whether to employ someone or not, and to evaluate further training needs. Reports are viewable via web browser from anywhere in the world. Kingsway English Test can save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive mistakes!

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